Mathura Train Accident: A Train Left The Tracks And Climbed Onto The  Platform| Watch Video - Oneindia News

Mathura Junction Railway Station, September 28, 2023 – A disturbing train accident at Mathura Junction Railway Station has shocked the railway community, leaving significant damage in its wake. The incident, which took place on Tuesday, saw an electric multiple unit (EMU) train break through the buffer dead end, partially mounting platform number 2. Investigations have revealed that Sachin, the train’s staffer, was both intoxicated and engrossed in his mobile phone at the time.

Negligence Leads to Catastrophe

The Joint Report on the incident disclosed a startling sequence of events. According to the Crew Voice & Video Recording System (CVVRS), Sachin entered the DTC cab (engine) while absorbed in his mobile phone. Disturbingly, footage from inside the cabin showed Sachin carelessly placing his bag on the throttle of the engine, while continuing to focus on his mobile device. The weight of the bag caused the throttle to shift into the forward position, propelling the EMU train towards the platform.

The result was catastrophic. The EMU train broke through the platform’s dead end, causing substantial damage. Half of the coach ended up perched on the elevated portion of platform number 2, leading to the breakdown of the overhead wire (OHE) and widespread disruption.

Mild Intoxication and Swift Action

Adding to the gravity of the situation, a breathalyzer test conducted on Sachin revealed a reading of 47 mg/100 ml, indicating mild intoxication. Sachin has been sent for further medical testing to ascertain the exact level of alcohol consumption.

In response to this alarming incident, Divisional Railway Manager Tej Prakash Agrawal has taken decisive action, suspending five individuals, including Sachin. The others suspended are Harbhajan Singh, Brajesh Kumar, Kuljeet, and Govid Hari Sharma, with the latter being a loco pilot.

“We have suspended five persons, and further detailed investigation is underway,” stated Agarwal, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

This tragic incident underscores the critical importance of adhering to safety protocols and ensuring responsible train operation. Railway authorities have pledged a thorough investigation and committed to implementing measures to prevent such incidents in the future.