New Delhi: An incident has surfaced at the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the capital city, Delhi, that is bound to astonish you. This incident pertains to female students enrolled at IIT. It has come to light that a 20-year-old sweeper employed on a contract basis at the institution entered the bathrooms used by students and clandestinely captured indecent photos and videos of them. Shockingly, he repeated this intrusive act on multiple occasions, and the unsuspecting students remained unaware of his actions.

Initially, the female students did not take any immediate action. However, one day, a male student happened to glimpse something concerning on his mobile phone while inside the bathroom. Upon exiting, he noticed the sweeper waiting outside the bathroom area. Swiftly, the student took his mobile phone with him and confronted the sweeper. At first, the sweeper attempted to offer excuses, but the student promptly gathered fellow students and questioned him. Upon inspecting the student’s phone, explicit images were discovered.

Following this revelation, on October 7th, the female student filed a formal complaint against the accused sweeper at the local police station. The police acted promptly, apprehending the sweeper. Subsequently, he was presented in court and placed in judicial custody as part of the legal proceedings that are currently underway. Since this incident came to light, there has been a palpable sense of fear among the students at Delhi IIT.