3 Men Enter Fast-Flowing Uttarakhand River In A Thar. Then This Happens
Three young men from Delhi-NCR had a close call while attempting to cross the fast-flowing Ramganga River in Almora, Uttarakhand, in a Mahindra Thar on Tuesday.

The men drove their SUV into the river, which has been flowing above the regular mark after recent rains. The current proved too strong for the vehicle, and it got stuck in the middle of the river.

The men were seen struggling to cross the water body. As the clip starts, they are seen on the roof of the SUV, with one of them wearing a life jacket as if preparing to jump into the water. Anxious onlookers are standing on the other side, waiting for them to come out of harm’s way.

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A rope was attached to a tree on the other side of the river to help the men cross. They started by crossing the river one at a time. The man wearing the life jacket jumped into the river but was briefly swept away before two men managed to grab the rope and pull him to safety.

Another Thar occupant then emerged and started to cross the river. He also struggled, but was able to make it to the other side.

The third man was able to cross the river without incident.

The men were eventually able to make it to safety, but their reckless decision to cross the river in a vehicle that was clearly not up to the task could have had tragic consequences.

Authorities have warned people against attempting to cross flooded rivers, even in SUVs. The current can be very strong and unpredictable, and even experienced drivers can be swept away.