'New Age Ravan,' Says BJP On Rahul Gandhi Poster; How Congress Responded

A Creative poster of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi as Ravan shared on Twitter (now X) by BJP with written “Ravan, a Congress party production, directed by George Soros.”

Rahul Gandhi As Ravan:

The political battleground in India has once again witnessed a fiery exchange of words between the BJP and Congress, this time sparked by a poster portraying Congress MP Rahul Gandhi as the mythical demon king Ravan. The poster, shared on the BJP’s social media handle, not only depicts Rahul Gandhi in the likeness of Ravan but also includes a provocative tagline: “Ravan, a Congress party production, directed by George Soros.”

The usage of George Soros’s name in this context adds another layer of controversy to the already contentious poster. Mr. Soros, an influential Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist, has been a subject of controversy due to his significant contributions to various global organizations and causes. Critics argue that such contributions can be perceived as interference in the internal matters of countries. By incorporating Soros into the poster, the BJP seems to be suggesting a link between the Congress party and external influences, further fueling the political discourse between the two rival parties.

This poster is a clear example of the intense and often theatrical nature of political discourse in India, where symbolism and imagery play a significant role in shaping public perception. It remains to be seen how this latest episode will impact the ongoing political rivalry between the BJP and Congress.