The image shows the YouTuber inside Bengaluru Metro. (Instagram/@fidias0)

Bengaluru, India – September 23, 2023

Fidias Panayiotou, an international YouTube sensation who previously gained fame for his unconventional encounter with Elon Musk, is now under intense scrutiny and backlash for his recent video showcasing him trespassing into the Bengaluru Metro in India without purchasing a valid ticket.

Panayiotou, whose claim to fame was convincing the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk to embrace him after a months-long campout outside Musk’s offices, has now found himself at the center of controversy once again. This time, the backlash stems from his latest social media exploit: a video posted on Instagram in which he flaunts his unauthorized journey on the Bengaluru Metro system.

In the video, Panayiotou can be seen standing outside a Bengaluru Metro station, addressing his followers through a microphone. He begins by declaring, “I will teach you how to get on the metro in India for free.” As the video progresses, he approaches two bystanders and inquires whether they believe he can enter the metro station without a ticket. One of the men cautiously responds that he might not be successful in his endeavor.

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Undeterred, Panayiotou proceeds to enter the metro station and positions himself near the turnstile gates, where passengers typically swipe or insert their tickets. Rather than obtaining a valid ticket, he boldly leaps over one of the gates. After this audacious act, he proceeds to the platform and boards a train, all of which is documented and shared in the video.

Panayiotou’s actions have triggered outrage among both locals and online viewers who have witnessed his video. Critics argue that his actions not only violate the rules and regulations governing the Bengaluru Metro but also set a dangerous precedent for impressionable viewers.

Public transportation systems, such as the Bengaluru Metro, heavily rely on fare collection to maintain services and infrastructure. Evading fares disrupts the system’s financial stability and can result in increased costs for law-abiding passengers.

Furthermore, such behavior can compromise security within metro stations and lead to potential accidents or conflicts with authorities. Content creators and influencers are urged to exercise responsibility and ethical conduct, considering their significant influence on their audiences.

Authorities in Bengaluru have not yet issued an official response to Panayiotou’s actions, but it is expected that they will investigate the incident and take appropriate action if necessary. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to local laws and customs when traveling and conducting oneself respectfully in foreign countries.