Carpooling Now 'Illegal' In Bengaluru, Penalty Can Range Up To Rs 10,000 |  Bengaluru News, Times Now

Amidst confusion and concerns in Bengaluru, Karnataka State Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy has clarified that carpooling is not banned in the city. Reports had emerged recently suggesting a carpooling ban, which sparked outrage among Bengaluru residents already burdened by relentless traffic congestion.

Carpooling Banned is Fake News:

Minister Reddy emphasized that carpooling is legal but underlines the importance of obtaining the necessary permissions and adhering to regulations. He pointed out that using non-commercial private vehicles with white number plates for carpooling purposes is illegal, and compliance with the existing rules is essential.

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This clarification offers much-needed clarity and reassurance to commuters in Bengaluru, highlighting carpooling as a legitimate and environmentally friendly solution to the city’s traffic woes. It also underscores the importance of following the rules to ensure safe and lawful transportation options for residents.