Which Mode of transport will be operating and which services will be open during Bengaluru Bandh on September 11?

Bengaluru, September 10, 2023 – As Bengaluru braces for a city-wide bandh (strike) scheduled for September 11, commuters and residents are advised to plan their day accordingly, as several key transportation services are expected to be disrupted. The strike, called by various private taxi and bus associations, aims to address grievances regarding the impact of the Shakti scheme on their business. Here’s a breakdown of what will be open and what will remain closed during the bandh:

Closed Services:

  1. Private Airport Taxis: All private airport taxi services in Bengaluru will be unavailable during the strike. Passengers heading to the airport are urged to make alternate arrangements or use the BMTC Vayu Vajra bus services.
  2. Ola, Uber, and Other App-Based Cabs: Ride-sharing giants Ola and Uber have declared their support for the strike and will not be operational on Monday, September 11. Commuters relying on these services are advised to seek alternative transportation options.
  3. Autorickshaws: Auto rickshaw services, which are an essential part of Bengaluru’s daily commute, will also be unavailable during the bandh. Commuters may need to explore alternative means of transport.
  4. Private Buses: All private buses operating within the state of Karnataka from Bengaluru will remain off the roads on Monday.

Services That Will Operate:

  1. Emergency Services: Crucial emergency services, including ambulances, pharmaceutical vehicles, and other essential goods carriers, will continue to operate without interruption. Public safety remains a top priority during the bandh.
  2. Food and Delivery Vehicles: The bandh will not impact the delivery of food, groceries, and other essential items. These services will operate as usual, ensuring that residents have access to their daily needs.
  3. Public Transport: Public transportation services, including BMTC buses and metro trains, will run as usual without any disruptions. In anticipation of increased demand due to the strike, BMTC plans to deploy additional buses to accommodate commuters.

The strike stems from the transport industry’s concerns about the Shakti scheme, which provides free bus travel for women in Karnataka. Private transportation providers have been grappling with financial losses since the scheme’s implementation and have requested compensation or inclusion in the scheme.

Earlier discussions between transport unions and Karnataka Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy had raised hopes of a resolution, with assurances that the majority of their demands would be met by the end of August. However, the issue has yet to be resolved, leading to the decision to proceed with the one-day strike on September 11.

As Bengaluru residents prepare for the bandh, it is advisable to plan their transportation arrangements accordingly to minimize inconvenience. While private transportation services will be disrupted, essential services, such as emergency response and public transportation, will remain operational to ensure the well-being of the city’s residents.