Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Are Expecting. Details Here
Speculations surrounding the potential arrival of a new addition to the Virushka family have been circulating for some time now, and it appears that the rumors have gained substantial traction. The ever-private couple, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, are allegedly expecting their second child together, according to reports from the Hindustan Times.

The rumors first took flight when observant fans of the Bollywood actress noticed her conspicuous absence from public appearances and her noticeable absence from her husband Virat’s cricket matches. Now, with the latest reports corroborating these speculations, it seems the couple may soon have a new bundle of joy to welcome into their lives.

Anushka Sharma Pregnant News Source:

The Hindustan Times cited an unnamed source who revealed that Anushka is indeed pregnant and is believed to be in her second trimester. The source provided insight, stating, “Anushka is expecting her second baby. Like the last time, they will formally share the news with the world at a later stage.”

Addressing Anushka’s recent retreat from the public eye, the source elaborated, “This isn’t a coincidence. She is staying away from the public eye to avoid speculation.” While the rumors initially surfaced earlier, they gained momentum following Anushka’s Ganesh Chaturthi social media post.

Further strengthening the pregnancy rumors, another source disclosed that the couple was reportedly spotted by paparazzi outside a maternity clinic in Mumbai. However, in a gesture of their well-known privacy, the couple requested that no photographs be taken. The source affirmed, “They requested the paparazzi to not publish their pictures, with a promise to make an announcement soon.”

Fans and well-wishers around the world are undoubtedly thrilled by the prospect of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli expanding their family. As the couple continues to cherish their private moments, we eagerly await their official announcement and wish them all the happiness on this exciting journey.