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see why France Is in a state of total unrest, as riots continue across the country

By Pranoti K

July 2, 2023


What is happening?

Violent protests have been taking place in France following the police shooting of a 17-year-old boy. The protests have been concentrated in the Paris suburbs, where the boy was killed.


Action Taken:

The protests have been marked by looting and arson, and there have been over 700 arrests. The French government has deployed thousands of police officers to try to quell the unrest.


President's call

President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the violence and called for calm. He has also ordered an independent investigation into the police shooting.


Why is it so bad?

The protests have highlighted the deep divisions in French society, particularly between the police and minority communities. They have also raised questions about police brutality and racism in France.


Public vs Government?

The protests are the latest in a series of social unrest in France in recent years. They come amid a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the government and the status quo.

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