Helen is a Burmese origin beauty born in 1938 to an Anglo-Indian father and a Burmese mother

Alia Bhatt is in reality a British citizen. Courtesy of her mother Soni Razdan’s origins in Britain, Alia does not qualify to acquire citizenship of India.

She was born to a Kashmiri father in Hong Kong, she holds a British citizenship that comes from her mother’s roots.

Imran Khan is an US citizen. Born in Madison, Wisconsin in the United States

He holds a Canadian passport and gave up Indian citizenship after he accepted his ‘honorary Canadian citizenship’.

She holds a Danish citizenship, though she was brought up in Bangalore.

Jacqueline is very much a Sri Lankan citizen, though she had been born in Bahrain.

Fawad Khan is a citizen of Pakistan and owes his sharp facial traits to his Pakistani lineage.

Kalki Koechlin was born in Puducherry of India, Koechlin retains her French passports as she traces her descent to her French parents.