Located in Indira Nagar, Regular breakfast treats are given a fancy avatar here. You can order fluffy omelettes made with English cheddar, poached eggs, and smoked salmon combination, while their signature fried eggs come with bacon, asparagus, and parmesan.

Located in Koramangla Ask for their All English Breakfast and you’ll get a plate piled with sausages, bacon, two fried eggs, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and a grilled tomato. All of these accompanies slices of brown bread and butter

Urban Solace, Ulsoor  Urban Solace lets you pick from a Traditional or a Special English Breakfast Platter. While both offer you canned juice, eggs made to order (sunny side up, scrambled, fried or masala omelette)

154 Breakfast Club,Koramangala

Pick the Simple Veg option and you’ll get mushroom ragout, baked beans, potatoes, and grilled tomatoes that are presented with toast and a fresh salad

Cafe Noir, located in Ashok Nagar For your money’s worth you’ll get two eggs loaded with mushrooms, cheese, ham, bacon or bell peppers or a simple, no-fuss omelette.

Located in Ashok Nagar Their cutlets are a hit and so are their liver on toast, we suggest you to hit the place up on a nice Sunday

Located in Koramangala It includes meatballs with grilled tomatoes, your choice of eggs (omelette, sunny side up, double-fried, scrambled eggs) with a slice of bread

Cafe Terra, Koramangala The full English breakfast is a whopper with bacon, sausages, eggs and slices of bread. There’s also hash browns, grilled tomatoes, baked beans and potatoes to wolf down. Finish up with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or a refreshing juice.

Glen's Bakehouse, IndiraNagar Their all-day breakfast options are loaded with eggs and a beverages of your choice, toast, in-house butter and jam, baked beans, sausages(veg/non-veg) and cake slices of your choice.