Here are our picks on top 5 features coming in iOS 17


Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail in iOS 17 offers real-time transcriptions of messages and allows users to decide whether to answer a call based on the voicemail.


Contacts Posters

In iOS 17 allows users to send personalized emoticons or photos to specific contacts, which appear full-screen on the receiver's iPhone.


FaceTime updates

iOS 17 includes the ability to leave personalized audio or video messages and use expressive effects like hearts and balloons, with support for Apple 4K TV.



In iOS 17 introduces new search filters, a catch-up arrow button to skip to unread messages, and the ability to swipe to reply inline.


Name Drop

AirDrop in iOS 17 now supports NameDrop, allowing iPhone users to exchange contact information and share files with Apple Watch and iPhone communication.

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