Chota Khabari

Chota Khabari

Here is a list of 5 Horror movies that everyone hated before, but cant get enough of now!

In the Amazon rainforest, a documentary crew is captured by a snake hunter who is searching for a legendary giant anaconda. The crew must fight for their lives as the snake stalks and kills them one by one.

5. Anaconda

Eraserhead is a 1977 American surrealist body horror film written, directed, produced, and edited by David Lynch. Lynch

4. Eraserhead

Jennifer, a popular high school cheerleader, is possessed by a demon and begins killing boys. Her best friend, Needy, must stop her before she kills everyone.

3. Jennifer’s Body

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a low-budget, gritty, and disturbing film that has been praised for its realistic violence and its unflinching look at the dark side of human nature.

2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The overwhelming wave of hate that The Thing received is quite startling to read about. It was called boring, derivative, underdeveloped, too reliant on special effects, and just about every other nasty name under the Sun.

1. The Thing