varanasi's most delicious street food items you cannot miss!

By Pranoti K

July 3, 2023


Dahi Chutney Golgappe

Consists of hollow, crispy puris filled with a mixture of flavored water, tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion, and yogurt.


Choora Matar

Choora Matar is a winter delicacy made with flattened rice (poha or choora) and fresh green peas (matar), often flavored with ghee and spices.


Chena Dahi Vada

A unique twist on the classic Dahi Vada, Chena Dahi Vada is made from cottage cheese balls (chena) soaked in sweetened, thickened yogurt, and garnished with spices and sweet tamarind chutney.


Baati Chokha

Consists of hard wheat rolls (baati) served with a spicy mix of mashed potatoes, brinjal, and tomatoes (chokha), often roasted over coal or cow dung cakes.


Kachori Sabzi

Consists of deep-fried, flaky kachoris (a type of Indian bread) served with a spicy potato curry (sabzi), often flavored with asafoetida and other spices.

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